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The Reviews Are In

Posted on May 8, 2024 by The Drive

Here at The Drive Tucson, we get carloads of emails and texts every day from listeners who share with us their love for this little Tucson radio station! We had so many, we thought we would share some of our favorites. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do.

If you would like to be featured on this page, send an email to matt@thedrivetucson.com (Just please make sure to put in the subject line "DRIVE REVIEW" and don't forget to tell us what area of Tucson you listen. You can also text your comment to 520.815.1017.


"I love listening to The Drive Tucson! The mix of music and talk is perfect for my commute, and the DJs always make me laugh, with the exception of Harold. I don't think that DJ is funny at all."

Ally Z.- Catalina Foothills

"The Drive Tucson has quickly become my favorite station. They literally play songs I have not heard in decades that I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE! Thank you, Bobby Rich, for such a great radio station!"

Bill T. - Oro Valley

"This station is awesome! They have the best music selection. Plus, they give away free oven mitts."

Matthew R. - Marana

The on-air people are super friendly, and they really know their stuff. I like how they mix up the playlist—there's something for everyone."

Lance J. - Eastside Tucson

If a penguin and a camel were to switch environments, which one would die first?

Stan Dupp - North Tucson

"What I love about The Drive Tucson is that they play a little bit of everything. I never get bored, and I always find myself singing along. Leslie is my favorite!

Wendy G. - Midtown

"Listening to The Drive Tucson is like having a bunch of friends along for the ride."

Jerry L. - Green Valley

"I listen to The Drive Tucson every day. The music is always on point, and I appreciate how they keep the commercials to a minimum. It's just great music and honestly, really good vibes."

Robert M. - Oro Valley

"I used to switch between a bunch of different stations, but since I found The Drive Tucson, I don't bother anymore. They play all the best music, and the DJs make me feel like part of the family."

Steven N. - Catalina Foothills

Every time I turn on The Drive, I feel like I'm stepping into a time machine and being transported back to my Rincon High School days. I kind of obsessed with this radio station! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Barbara O. - Oro Valley

I love this radio station. I can't even believe that I still listen to the radio! The Drive, however, is a radio station WORTH listening to. Ken is my favorite. He's goofy and as pro as it gets. I love that.

Terry B. - Eastside Tucson

"This station is amazing! I love the personalities—they're funny, down-to-earth and reminds me of radio years past.

Ruth V. - Midtown Tucson

"It's just great music and good vibes."

Patty L. - Marana

"I used to switch between a bunch of different stations, but since I found The Drive Tucson, I don't bother anymore.

Blake E. - Reid Park area

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