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Matt Gentry
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Matt grew up in Tucson. The man has a memory beyond belief and regales his listeners with stories about people, places, and things over his decades here. He began a career in radio in 1989 in a small town in New Mexico. From there to Colorado (where he worked with The Drive’s morning co-host Hill Bailey) and then radio gigs in Arizona. Along the way he added acting and voice-over work to his repertoire. In 2018 (at 50) Matt chose to expand his opportunities by attending college and earning his degree in Digital Media. Matt and his girlfriend Randy are both happy to be closer to their parents who live here. "I love Tucson and am so happy to be living here."
KDRI The Drive Tucson
Ken Carr
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In 1987 on a hot summer day in central Nebraska, Ken began his broadcasting career. Working in the broadcasting business coast to coast, the last stop has been in beautiful Tucson since 2001. You've heard him on the radio in Tucson on 93.7 KRQ, Z104.1, Mega 106.3 and now The Drive Tucson. He also runs Whats Up Tucson, the most followed Tucson news and information source on Twitter with over 125,000 followers. Our favorite part of all the work Ken does is his passion for made up holidays. He helped The Drive Tucson win a Nationally-recognized award as Arizona's Celebration Station! Ken can't get enough Tucson from the incredible Mexican food to the spectacular weather and the amazing people. Viva Tucson!
Mikey Esparza
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Mikey is just one of our "character-driven" personalities. Mikey has one of those smooth voices that make you feel like you're being hugged. He has been broadcasting for over 35 years and began at age 17, right here in Tucson. Since then, his travels have taken him to cities like San Diego, Dallas and San Francisco. “ I've been coming to Tucson every summer since I was a child to visit family. I have a love for Tucson deep down in my soul.“ Make sure to tune in to Mikey Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 7 PM. You will hear his cast of characters like Casey Kasem, Bob Ross, the Latin lover and of course, Cheech and Chong traffic.
KDRI The Drive Tucson
KDRI The Drive Tucson
Maria Mendez
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Maria Mendez has spent most of her 24 years on the radio in her hometown here in Tucson. She has also graced the airwaves in Sacramento, CA and Nashville, TN, but Tucson is her tierra. She is an accomplished musician, artist, BPM nightclub disc jockey, and actress, who appeared in the Hollywood box office smash Three Amigos starring Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. She is best known for her sense of humor and loves anything to do with social media, reading, all things paranormal, and the strange and unusual. Maria believes radio is a part of her soul. Maria says, “returning to Tucson radio is like coming home after a long trip away...I love it in Tucson."
Leslie Lois
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Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Leslie is a proud cheesehead and Packer-fan, in 1999 she moved to Tucson to work for Bobby Rich and has pretty much worked for him since! When asked about her favorite Tucson things, she says, "I'm still in awe of the Mountains and those stunning sunsets!" She gets excited for Monsoon season and will run outside to see and record it, then post it on our Facebook page (Rain Patrol Girl). Married with 3 stepkids and her husband Keith and Leslie do a podcast, "Love Marriage and all the crap in between" available on most podcast platforms! She loves to have fun with bright colors with her hair! "Yeah, I'm the girl with the bright hair!"
KDRI The Drive Tucson
Brenda Catalina
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Brenda Catalina began her career in radio by volunteering at KXCI community radio. Her first paying gig was at KFAS in Casa Grande, to which she drove on a whim after hearing “ol’ blue eyes” had bought a station there. How many people can boast of having worked for Frank Sinatra? But Tucson was calling her back, and back she came, working over the next 20 years for KTUC, The Cloud95, KXTZ Las Vegas, KHYT, and KIIM FM. “When Bobby Rich called me about the concept of The Drive, I was floored,” Brenda said. “True Tucson radio, owned by Tucsonans and focusing on the needs of Tucsonans in my age group. I'm super excited to be part of The Drive!"
KDRI The Drive Tucson
Michael Morris
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Michael is our newest radio- family member! He was born, raised...and mugged in Washington, D.C. They lost. "They can have the $2 from my wallet when they pry it from my cheeseburger-greasy fingers". His junior high school years were in Albuquerque. Afterwards, his family moved to West Germany, and lived in high school dormitories before graduating there. Arriving in Tucson in 1980, I have been fired by many radio stations...but now, I believe I understand it is wrong for me to take Mikey's lunch from the refrigerator (and get caught doing so). As "the relief driver", I look forward to Ken taking a day off...when, somehow, all of the doors and windows to his home have been glued shut (again).
KDRI The Drive Tucson
KDRI The Drive Tucson
Billy Repka
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My family came to Tucson in 1981 and I began my sophomore year at Tucson High School. I met my future wife in 1983, we started a family soon after and we’ve never thought once about living anywhere else. We love everything about Tucson – the amazing variety of tasty food, the beautiful soul-stirring sunsets, the friendly people, and the unpredictable monsoon. Working with the talented and experienced staff here at The Drive has been a daily masterclass in radio for the past three years. My favorite thing about The Drive is when listeners share their musical memories. Billy doesn't realize it but every single staff member at the station says Billy is literally the nicest man on the planet.
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