Advertising on The Drive is designed to benefit our clients by developing custom plans based on your needs. It can be long-term customer development or a short blast to build traffic for a specific event. We can create a message that will drive our listeners to your product with :15, :30, or :60 second ads. Ask about our flexibility, including mini-advertorials to tell your educational and informational story.

Our on-air presentation also benefits your business and our listeners by formatting fewer and shorter breaks. We won’t pack an hour’s worth of commercials into one break and then tell our audience they are getting a commercial-free hour of music. We believe that cluttered pods of commercials is not good for your business, especially if your spot is buried in a 14-commercial break. At The Drive, we believe a few short stops better serves both our advertisers and listeners.

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of being part of Tucson’s only locally owned and operated radio station. We serve Tucson: the city, our listeners, and our advertisers.

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