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Leon's Tree Service

Posted on January 31, 2024 by The Drive

"Supporting local family businesses such as Leon's Tree Service is crucial for community growth. Choosing these establishments directly boosts our local economy, creating jobs and fostering development. It also provides a sense of satisfaction and pride, contributing to a meaningful impact that resonates throughout the Tucson community."

Matt Gentry - Program Director - KDRI The Drive Tucson

Choosing the right tree service company

Selecting the right tree service company is crucial for tree health and property safety. Inexperienced companies pose hidden dangers, risking tree health and property damage. A knowledgeable provider ensures proper care, utilizing industry-approved methods for tree maintenance and minimizing potential risks. Investing in expertise safeguards both your trees and property!

Locally owned and operated

Meet Leon's Tree Service crew – your go-to tree professionals since 1984. With a rich history handling sizable palms and trees across Tucson, they tackle even the trickiest settings. Committed to keeping trees healthy, they offer efficient and safe services. Leon's seasoned team takes pride in delivering excellent work, fair pricing, and guaranteed satisfaction. For an experienced company with a legacy, give Leon a call. They're simply the best at what they do.

Palm and Tree Work

Trees require occasional maintenance for both aesthetics and practical reasons. Untended branches can become hazardous due to excess weight, particularly evident during the monsoon season when strong winds challenge trees. Preventable property damage and broken branches often result from neglecting timely trimming.

Tree Removal

Extra watering or identifying and resolving underlying issues can often suffice. In challenging cases, where trees are beyond recovery, our years of experience and specialized machinery enable us to work quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Tree Stump Removal

Need a tree removed and want to avoid a big stump? We can help with that too!

Storm Damage

In monsoon season, accidents happen. We're here to help with the aftermath, fixing those broken trees for graceful healing and stronger growth.


Saguaros, iconic in Tucson's Sonoran Desert, may become sick or lean, posing safety risks. With expertise, we handle issues like disease or topping.

Leon's Tree Service - 11213 S Swan Rd, Tucson - (520) 574-2795

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