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Every weekday morning at 7:30am. The Drive Tucson & McElroy's Automotive Repair presents DRIVE IT OR PARK IT aka (DIPI) is your opportunity to vote on some of the songs we play.

Vote (below) to Drive it or Park it.

We receive hundreds of texts every morning and are not able to respond to every text we receive. You can vote via text (520) 815-1017, email matt@thedrivetucson.com or vote below.

For Friday, 07/19/02024, you are voting on the single, "Burning Heart"

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Drive it or Park it

If you would like to SUGGEST a song to be voted on by our Drive Tucson listeners, submit with the form below. By submitting your suggestion, you agree to allow The Drive Tucson to mention you by name on the air, as part of the Drive it or Park it Feature.

Drive it or Park it SUGGESTIONS

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50/50 SPLIT

The Drive Tucson has been nominated for Best Radio Station for Music!

Voting ends August 26th!

Every year the Tucson Weekly, a local publication with an insane number of readers, releases their annual "Best of" edition. In order for your vote to count, you have to vote for a MINIMUM of 15 categories. Our category is listed at #50. As a bonus, our very own Ken Carr has been nominated for Best Radio Host and is category listed at #54.

Click our logo below to vote now and thank you for listening and being a part of The Drive Tucson radio family.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and applaud YOU, or loyal listeners who made this possible.

This on-air event is exclusively brought to you by Play It Again Sports on Speedway Blvd.

The Drive Tucson's SUMMER OF LEGENDS pays tribute to legendary bands coming to Tucson including Christopher Cross, Alan Parsons, Todd Rundgren and the Little River Band. We are also celebrating Tucson's legendary broadcasters that include, Bobby Rich, Alan Michaels, Adrianne Walker, and “Sunny JimArnold, Ed Alexander and Bobby Lewis, all who helped shape an entire generation of music.

Join us in celebrating the songs we forgot we loved and the voices that brought them to life.

On Saturday, July 6th, we officially kicked off our Summer of Legends with the voice of our radio station, Adrienne Walker! Adrienne's illustrious career has spanned iconic stations and genres, marking her as a legendary voice in radio. From the unique charm of KFMU FM, The World’s Only Wind-Powered Radio Station in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to the cutting-edge sounds of WXRT-FM in Chicago and the soothing melodies of KOST-FM in Los Angeles, Adrienne has left an indelible mark on the airwaves. Throughout the '90s, her voice resonated globally as the co-host of The World Chart Show, an internationally syndicated countdown program that captivated audiences worldwide.

Adrienne’s influence in Tucson radio is unparalleled, with a 26-year tenure across various stations such as KLPX, KWFM, Cloud 95, and KTZN. Her most notable achievement was a remarkable 20-year run as the afternoon host on 94.9 Mix-FM, where her presence became a beloved fixture in the community. Now, she continues to enchant listeners as a voice-over talent, proudly serving as “the voice” of The Drive, Tucson. Adrienne Walker’s career is a testament to her versatility, passion, and enduring impact on the world of radio.

Be sure to listen this all summer long for our very special tributes and showcases to

Tucson's LEGENDARY voices!

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