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Every weekday morning at 7:30am. The Drive Tucson & McElroy's Automotive Repair presents DRIVE IT OR PARK IT aka (DIPI) is your opportunity to vote on some of the songs we play.

Vote (below) to Drive it or Park it.

We receive hundreds of texts every morning and are not able to respond to every text we receive. You can vote via text (520) 815-1017, email matt@thedrivetucson.com or vote below.

Today is 2/26/2024 and you are voting on the 1973 single, "Hummingbird" by Seals & Crofts

Remember, voting multiple times in one day for one song does not increase the odds of anything.

Drive it or Park it

If you would like to SUGGEST a song to be voted on by our Drive Tucson listeners, submit with the form below. By submitting your suggestion, you agree to allow The Drive Tucson to mention you by name on the air, as part of the Drive it or Park it Feature.

Drive it or Park it SUGGESTIONS

Yesterday's Results

The Drive Tucson is so excited to announce the return of Tony Kishman, legendary Broadway musician and performer at the Fox Tucson Theatre in April! You might remember Tony and band at last year's show at the Fox to a near sold-out audience. This year is sure to sell out...as it should!

Once again, this is a benefit show for Hope of Deliverance. Hope of Deliverance rescues dogs from rural shelters without proper veterinary care, providing them with full medical treatment and support. We need foster parents and volunteers to help us save more dogs. Join our mission to rescue, foster, adopt, donate, and rehabilitate.

Tony Kishman Shares

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, my journey through music began at an early age, perfectly synchronized with the rise of The Beatles. With St. Mary’s Hospital as my starting point, my earliest memory traces back to a swing set, where I declared my aspirations of becoming a singer at the mere age of three.

Growing up in the early 60s on the east side of Tucson near Davis Monthan, I was enthralled by The Beatles' iconic performance on The Ed Sullivan Show during my time at Keen Elementary School. This fascination sparked a memorable lip-sync performance of "All My Loving" in my third-grade classroom, a moment that ignited my passion for music.

Begging my mom for a guitar at the age of eight led to the acquisition of a Sears Silvertone guitar, but self-learning proved challenging. Seeking structured guidance, I enrolled in lessons at Beavers Band Box, yearning to replicate the songs dominating the radio waves.

My musical journey continued through Carson Jr. High, where the melodies of "Happy Together" and "Get Back" provided the soundtrack to my formative years. It wasn't until my high school days at CDO High School, where I joined the band Hemlock as the lead vocalist and second guitarist, that I felt a true sense of purpose in pursuing a career in music.

Working tirelessly as a janitor to afford my dream guitar, a white Fender Stratocaster, I honed my skills and found myself drawn to bands like Wishbone Ash. Joining Cheap Trix provided the platform to showcase my talents, blending Top 40 hits with the melodic rock of my idols.

Balancing my newfound passion for music with academic pursuits at Pima College proved challenging, but ultimately led to a life-altering opportunity. Following a fortuitous audition, I landed a role in the Broadway production of Beatlemania, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey across the United States and even London.

Post-tour, I founded Twist and Shout, a Beatles tribute group, spreading joy through performances across the US and Tucson's most prestigious venues. In 2006, inspired by my experiences, I created "Live and Let Die," a show dedicated to the music of Paul McCartney, a testament to my enduring love for his artistry.

Returning to Tucson's stages, particularly the iconic Fox Theatre, fills me with pride as I continue to share the music that shaped my life with the community that raised me.

This is the result of a lot of research and good taste!

Welcome to GOOD THINGS. Call it sort of a "community service" of the Mikey show.

He combs the internet to find the coolest products/services just for you and helps you SAVE MONEY:)

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