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Every weekday morning at 7:30am. The Drive Tucson & McElroy's Automotive Repair presents DRIVE IT OR PARK IT aka (DIPI) is your opportunity to vote on some of the songs we play.

Vote (below) to Drive it or Park it.

We receive hundreds of texts every morning and are not able to respond to every text we receive. You can vote via text (520) 815-1017, email matt@thedrivetucson.com or vote below.

For Wednesday, 04/17/2024, you are voting on the 1965 single, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"


Mel Carter

The most popular vehicle in America in 1965 was the Chevy Impala, which broke the million-unit mark in both years making it the single model highest annual sales leader of all time in the United States.

Drive it or Park it

If you would like to SUGGEST a song to be voted on by our Drive Tucson listeners, submit with the form below. By submitting your suggestion, you agree to allow The Drive Tucson to mention you by name on the air, as part of the Drive it or Park it Feature.

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Yachtley Crew is a top-notch band from Southern California that pays tribute to the best smooth rock hits from the 70s and 80s. They will be making their way back to Tucson on May3rd at the Rialto Theatre.

The Drive Tucson is proud to officially welcome Yachtley Crew! We are excited to be a part of this show and cannot wait to hand out all our free tickets. We've got a carload and we will begin giving them away starting this Monday, April 15 to help ease the pain of taxes!

Tickets available now by clicking The Button. THIS WILL SELL OUT AGAIN, so be listening for your chance to win!

A Conversation with Yachtley Crew

How did the band start? Well, back in 2016, some friends realized they all loved yacht rock but nobody was playing it live in their area. So, they formed Yachtley Crew, got some talented musicians on board, and started rocking out.

Who are the band members? There's Philly Ocean on lead vocals, David Buoy on percussion, Tommy Buoy on lead guitar, Baba Buoy on bass guitar, Sailor Hawkins on drums, Pauly Shores on saxophone, and Stoney Shores on keyboards.

What makes the band fun for audiences? They put on a full show with great music, lights, dancing, jokes, and more surprises. Their music appeals to people of all ages.

Where have they played recently? They've performed at places like The Viper Room, The Canyon Club, and various festivals and private events around Southern California.

What band do they admire? Toto is a big one, especially their song "Africa." They also like artists like Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Eagles, and Hall & Oates.

Where do they see themselves in five years? Still rocking out and spreading the joy of yacht rock all over the world.

What advice do they have for young musicians? Play the music you love and don't be afraid to share it with the world. And of course, come check out their shows for a good time!

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