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Still Crazy After All Three Years

Posted on August 3, 2022 by The Drive

Bobby Rich and Hill Bailey were the first voices heard on "Day One" (August 5, 2019) on The DRIVE Tucson. They had not met until three months earlier, but the chemistry was apparent. They were immediately playing off of one another and cracking each other up. There was magic in their collaboration. That led to the new Tucson morning team now celebrating three years together.

"It's fun, but not always easy to be face to face with someone for the very early hours of every morning," Rich states, "especially the beginning when you are getting to know each other. It's like any close relationship." Hill Bailey continues, "Yeah, we really are in sync! I don't finish his sentences because he is old as dirt and can't find the words himself…… I can read his mind and it is just as weird as mine," Hill laughs. "Even though I had been in radio for 21 years when we met, I was really nervous to sit next to a legend like Bobby Rich."

"Not gonna lie, we picked a crappy time to start a new business, especially a local radio station," Bobby, one of the three KDRI owners became serious, "We have struggled from Day One to get enough support from listeners and businesses to keep proving what I believe is an offering to the underserved listening audience. We began by welcoming Boomers, and we still do of course, even as those in their 40's and 50's discovered our unique blend of music and local personalities." Hill, agrees, "I fall into that 40s crowd that loves the musical memories this station brings me. We are so genuine when we tell you to share this station with others. We know they will like it, and we could really use the support." Bobby wraps it up, a little bit emotionally, "I really love Hill. Not romantically, but as a clever, and smart person I get to hang out with." To which, Hill responded, "Bobby is the one show partner I've had that is not afraid to push each other's buttons. Our fun together is authentic, and I couldn't love this job more."

Catch this dynamic duo every weekday morning from 5:30-10:00 on 101.7FM or on AM830.

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