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I’m so excited you took the time to read my profile! Some might call me a “Snowbird” since I moved here from Wisconsin, but I couldn’t be happier to call Tucson my new home. All this sunshine makes my vintage burgundy exterior shine like never before, but I am definitely glad I have white interior with this intense sun. I can’t wait to hit the roads this summer. With so many Tucson radio stations, it’s so great to be parked at The Drive Tucson…well, now in Cyndi Teaney’s garage!! Congratulations Cyndi!

I was born in 1965 and I come from a long line of 6 cylinder 3 speeds. I had an amazing first owner. He served in the military, and took me on some amazing road trips before he was sent to Vietnam. Unfortunately, like so many other soldiers, he didn’t make it home. His family kept me in my own storage unit, and when they would come to visit, we would share memories of him.

This past year the pandemic has taught us all a lot, and I am finally ready to get back out there and live. After all, I’ve only experienced 51K miles. So, I got myself some new brakes & shocks, added AC and updated my radio for my new destination: Tucson, AZ. I hear it is home to many veterans and has a huge air force base. The week before Memorial Day couldn’t have been a better time for me to move here amongst heroes.

I can’t wait to spend my weekends driving around Tucson with Cyndi at the helm and listening to my favorite radio station…101.7FM AM830 The Drive Tucson!

Until then,

Keep listening!

Love Sally,