Official Drive Songs Entry Form

1. Your entry must include listener legal first and last Name (and optional nickname) and confirmable contact info with working email address and ZIP CODE of home address.
2. Titles of THREE (3) different songs played on the station as a designated “OFFICIAL DRIVE SONG.” A minimum of five different Official Drive Songs (“O.D.S.”) will be played daily between the hours of 6am and 7pm each day. Clues will be broadcast regarding the next time an O.D.S. will be played.
3. The songs and their titles will always be identified by the station hosts as, “an OFFICIAL DRIVE SONG” either before and/or after the song plays.
4. To be valid, each entry must include 3 different O.D.S. titles. These can be all from the same day or different days but cannot be repeated. 

    I have read the Official Drive Song contest rules and agree to all terms there within. *

    I agree

    Complete contest rules HERE