Bobby & Bailey 5:30AM – 10AM

Bobby Rich

What can we say about this guy? Bobby is a life-long radio broadcaster, programmer and manager. His radio trip started in a small town in Washington State, followed by stops that included Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and Seattle before landing in Tucson 1992. The self-proclaimed “non-controversial, provocative, non-offensive, middle-of-the-road, Disc Jockey,” Bobby is a legendary radio person and a familiar, friendly and fun voice to a huge number of Tucsonans who heard him on 94.9 for over 25 years. Back and UN-retired, Bobby Rich says, “I am a unabashed believer in the value of radio, to our listeners, our community and our advertisers. Radio was my first love and it will be my last.”

Bobby Rich was elected to Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame. His show named “Best In City” by Tucson Lifestyle and “Best Local Radio Show” in AZ Daily Star Readers Poll and Best Radio Personality by Tucson Weekly. Greater Tucson Leadership gave him their “Community Leadership Award.” Tucson Advertising Federation chose him for the prestigious “Golden Mic Award.”

Hill Bailey

Hill moved to Tucson in 1987 and grew up on the Eastside. She was a Sahuaro High School Cougar until she moved to midtown and graduated from Tucson High. Hill went on to the University of Arizona to study media arts, and could be found hanging out on 4th Ave seven nights a week… including Christmas. She got her first taste of radio on the U of A radio station KAMP in 1998, and later moved to Colorado in 2000 to work in radio full time.

During her 10 years away from Tucson, Hill worked in radio throughout Colorado and California before returning to Tucson where she met her husband. They were married on a beach in Mexico and have adopted three rescue dogs through the years. By her late 30s, Hill and her husband were ready for a human baby, but like so many women, she needed some help. Thanks to a great fertility doctor, the Baileyʼs welcomed a daughter in March 2017, and she fills up Hillʼs Instagram and Facebook.

During fertility treatments and pregnancy, Hill had to trade in her wine glass and instead found caking! She is self-taught through on line courses, and she loves to build custom cakes. Cautionary tale to future cakers: it is an expensive hobby! Hill is also looking forward to picking up another expensive hobby; either scuba or golf await her.

Maria Mendez

Maria Mendez has spent most of her 24 years on the radio in her hometown here in Tucson. She has also graced the airwaves in Sacramento, CA and Nashville, TN. but Tucson, is her “tierra.” She is an accomplished musician, artist, BPM dight club Disc jockey, and Actress, who appeared in the Hollywood box office smash “The Three Amigos!” Starring Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. She is best known for her sense of humor and loves anything to do with social media, reading, all things paranormal, and the strange and unusual! Maria believes radio is a part of her soul. Maria says, “returning to Tucson radio is like coming home after a long trip away.”

Ken Carr 10AM – 2:30PM

Ken Carr is a media veteran who started his career in Nebraska. Notable because you know what comes from Nebraska donʼt you? Corn, corn, corn, corn. After falling off the cob in 2001, he fell in love with the incredible people and beautiful weather of Tucson and has lived here ever since. Youʼve heard him on 93.7 KRQ, Z104.1, and Mega 106.3, and youʼve seen his work as Executive Producer at KGUN9 TV.

Since 2009, he has run a social media channel on Twitter, @WhatsUpTucson that is 100% local content featuring up-to-the minute local Tucson news and info. The site has nearly 100,000 followers. Kenʼs non-media interests include photography, waking his always sleeping dog Lucky, and watching his favorite TV show “LivePD.”

The Mikey Show 2:30PM – 7PM

Mikey Esparza is a 30-year radio professional who started his career right here in Tucson. “Iʼm absolutely thrilled to be back in Tucson. My family is here and now so am I,” he says. “I live and breathe radio, itʼs all Iʼve ever done.

His years on the air have taken “The Mikey Show” to Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, and now back home. And heʼs done it well; hitting high ratings and motivating his listeners to fight hard battles to improve themselves and their surroundings. He has “been there-done that” and now inspires others to move past their tough times. Mikeyʼs fatherʼs battle with cancer has inspired him to put much effort into supporting others.

Brenda Catalina

Brenda Catalina began her career in radio by volunteering at KXCI community radio. Her first paying gig was at KFAS in Casa Grande, where she drove to on a whim after hearing “ol’ blue eyes” had bought a station there. How many people can boast of having worked for Frank Sinatra!? But Tucson was calling her back, and back she came, working over the the next 20 years for KTUC, The Cloud95, KXTZ Las Vegas, KHYT, and KIIM FM.

“When Bobby Rich called me about the concept of The Drive, I was floored,” Brenda said. “True Tucson radio, owned by Tucsonans and focusing on the needs of Tucsonans in my age group… How could I not want to be a part of this?”

Tyler Russell 7PM - 11:00PM

Tyler Russell is a 12-year radio veteran with deep Tucson roots and is an accomplished, successful California DJ, thanks to none other than the mentorship of Bobby Rich. When Tyler was 18, he interned at Mix FM to see if radio was for him, and that short stint launched a radio career that California listeners know very well. Tyler grew up in Tucson, attended St. Gregory High School, and then launched the radio station and radio curriculum at Chapman University in Orange, California. His success there landed gigs at K-Earth and KISS FM in Los Angeles and then a job as the night jock for KCLB in Palm Springs. For the last five years Tyler has been the voice of Orange County, CA where he launched, runs, and hosts the famous KX 93.5 from Laguna Beach.

Tyler is a tennis player, skier, die-hard Wildcats fan, and proud father of newborn Lily. “Tyler on the Radio” has introduced California listeners to dozens of up-and-coming new bands, and he canʼt wait to continue bringing you radio thatʼs important, local, and different to your dial