Why Doesn’t The Drive Have A Newscast? Here’s Why.

Some people have asked why we don’t have “real news” on The Drive. We decided to stick with “news you could use” and make it as much about Tucson as possible. And judging by the response, our listeners agree:

  • “Thank you for sticking with basic, local news & limiting it! We want to hear you guys & the music!” – Hope
  • “Love the format you have. Everyday I look forward to hearing a song that I haven’t heard in decades.” – Theresa
  • “I appreciate knowing where all the ‘kerfuffles’ are in my way to work! I am glad you keep it local.” – Liz
  • “Love your station. Please don’t change a thing.” – Ardie
  • “l listen to The Drive specifically because you DON’T have news. You do a great job on traffic reporting. That’s all we need!!” – Catherine

We hear you, and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing!