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Birdwatching is Back

Posted on August 1, 2022 by The Drive
KDRI The Drive Tucson

We're all a bunch of animal lovers here at The Drive Tucson and encourage you to not miss the Southeast Arizona’s Sonoran Desert monsoon specialties happening this week! The birds we have in Southern Arizona are amazing! Elegant Trogons, Five-striped Sparrows, Red-faced Warblers—birds you’ve only stared at with longing in your field guide since you were a kid (or last week!). In Southeast Arizona you can make seeing these specialty birds a reality.

Join other fellow bird-lovers and experience Tucson Audubon’s Southeast Arizona Birding Festival in 2022 during our beautiful monsoon season with professionally led field trips, programs, keynote speakers, photography workshops, and extensive Nature Expo.


Full details - tucsonaudubon.org

For more information, contact the Tucson Audubon Society: info@tucsonaudubon.org

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