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Big Bugs at Reid Park Zoo

Posted on March 14, 2023 by The Drive

Jump into a new adventure with enormous butterflies, humongous ants, and a colossal praying mantis, with Big, Big Bugs. Now through April 30th (9a - 4p).

Spin a web through the Zoo as you immerse yourself in a world of giant animatronic insects and arachnids from all over the globe. The realistic and super-sized crawlers buzz, click, wave antennae and legs. Magnify your day at the Zoo by collecting new facts about buzzing ladybugs, whirling beetles, and glowing fireflies.

Find your inner entomologist, as you observe these incredible bug’s social structures. Witness the life cycle of monarch butterflies, be amazed by a gargantuan black widow spider in a 16-foot-wide web and find new ways to help populate pollinators in your own backyard. Get up-close to accurate recreations of environmentally significant insects as you experience life from a bug’s eye view.

In addition to the animatronic bugs, you can also see a live millipede in the Zoo’s Conservation Learning Center and watch videos starring the Zoo’s ambassador insects. Bugs are at the heart of our Earth’s ecosystems. A world without bugs would look drastically different! Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder, so expand your horizons by taking your understanding of these tiny creatures to a new level.

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