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American Top 40

Posted on September 8, 2022 by The Drive
KDRI The Drive Tucson

First of all, we here at The Drive Tucson thank you SO MUCH for all the great feedback with American Top 40! We really appreciate you taking the time to write in. Secondly, we had so many emails with such great feedback, we thought we would answer some of the most asked questions.

Your questions were answered by our Music Ninjaneer, Billy Repka. You will be able to see by his answers that he was very vested in providing you the answers you were looking for. Thank you, Billy!

(Q) Do you get to pick and choose which episodes you play?

(A) For the special three-day Labor Day weekend American Top 40 kick-off event, we asked if we could run a marathon of episodes. The syndicator offered up 20 programs for us to choose from and we randomly selected a dozen episodes, with at least one episode from each year of the Seventies, except for 1979**. After we scheduled those dozen episodes we went back and selected three more episodes, giving you 5 episodes each day - a total of 15! - over the long weekend. 

(Q) Will you be broadcasting episodes of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 - The Seventies in the future?

(A) Going forward, we will air one episode each Sunday from 9 AM until Noon. The syndicator will usually provide two episodes to choose from and we will select the episode we air with care and concern. Most often, the episodes will be at least a few years apart from one another with the chart week being counted down on them close to the month and date we'll be broadcasting them. For example, had we not chosen to do a marathon this weekend, our other option was to air the episode from September 3, 1977.

(Q) My favorite episodes of American Top 40 were the special ones, especially the annual countdowns around Christmas and New Year's. Will you be broadcasting any of those special episodes?

(A) The syndicator will occasionally offer up special episodes, including year-end countdowns so we hope to share some of those with our listeners. Keep listening to The Drive for details.

(Q) One of my favorite features of American Top 40 was the Long-Distance Dedications that Casey read and the special songs he played. How come you guys cut those out of the episodes?

(A) All episodes run as they are received. The Long-Distance Dedication wasn't introduced until the episode that first aired on August 26, 1978, and we have not aired that episode or any of the episodes that followed. Yet.

(Q) How come The Drive doesn't play <<song title>> like Casey just did on American Top 40?

(A) Our playlist is constantly changing. Please send all of your suggested song titles and artists to our Music Ninjaneer Billy at billy@thedrivetucson.com.

(Q) Is it possible to get a listing of this week's countdown as heard on American Top 40?

(A) There are several resources for classic Billboard charts on the internet. Two we frequently refer to here at The Drive are:

(Q) Who do I contact about getting a copy of a particular episode of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 - The Seventies?

(A) Here at The Drive Tucson, we are unable to provide copies of shows but original episodes of American Top 40 on vinyl occasionally will pop up on eBay and the Charis Music Group website. 

American Top 40 will now be heard on 101.7FM and AM830, Sunday mornings from 9-Noon. Enjoy!

**Beginning in 1978, the show expanded from a three-hour broadcast to a four-hour broadcast. The syndicator only offers the final three hours of those shows so it is basically a Top 32. We have opted not to run any of those truncated episodes**

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